For a happy life you should be in the perfect Vocation which matches your inner qualities and talents which are gifted to you by the God. Each person has some inner qualities and talents. There are three ways to select your Vocation. One is said by your parents that my son or daughter will become Doctor, Engineer, Chartered Accountant, Businessmen, Actor or Singer etc. Second is which your teachers say and friends do. And the last & third is what you like to do and by doing that you feel happy and never feel stress and boredom. Obviously you should select that Vocation which matches your inner qualities and can stay happy in your life by doing that work. For that you should know your inner qualities and talents. If you are not happy with your Vocation then it means you may in the wrong path of your life. All the Students should only select the third way to choose their Vocations and if you are confused then contact us before making this big decision of your life.