what is spirituality ?


As we know there are Doctors or Psychologists or Astrologers who use their knowledge to solve our problems but the Supreme knowledge is of the Spirit (Soul). If you will go ahead in this way you will be permanently happy. Just take one example that if you are sleeping and in the worst situation in your dream and feeling all that while you are in the dream. But when you awake what will be your reaction? Definitely you thank god that it was the dream only. That will be the situation if you start gaining the knowledge of theology and spirituality. In today's time, People are gaining only that knowledge which can give them money, bunglows, cars etc,. and finding happiness from it. Have you ever thought that animal and human being live almost similar life, take birth-work for food-marry-have children-nourish children-die at the old age, isn't it? Animals also do for self and family that all we humans do. We have got the human body to gain the knowledge and go ahead in the way to spirituality that can not be achieved when we are in the animal body. There are people who want to go ahead in this way but unable because of some problems or not having the correct and trusted source of it. It has been worldwide accepted that this is the strongest way to be happy in your life. You can always find the religious persons psychologically very strong and even more healthier than others. They also handle the worst situations in their life very easily. It is not the matter whether they are Hindus, Sikh, Muslims or of any other religions.