how does your brain work ?


We have positive and negative emotions. It is the part of our life and no one can say never be angry, get bored etc it is normal to have even all the emotions but in balance i.e. if you became angry for a reason and then after some time become normal then there is no problem at all. Psychological Problem can be said when you become angry in little things and be out of control. Same way being sad, being jealous, getting bored, taking tension, feeling shame and guilt etc, and not able to come out of it. In our country most of the people are aware of only physical health problems, they are not aware of the psychological problems and that is why people are not happy in their life and even many disputes take place whether in family or outside the family. If a child is not good in studies, parents always blame them and even become angry and beat them sometimes too. If one person fears from something or some situation, one will say that he or she is very coward or if one person becomes angry in little situations, one will say that he or she is short temper. But no one will think that there may be some psychological problems instead they start blaming. Maximum physical health problems are also because of psychological problems. If you are not happy there may be some psychological problems behind them.