Each child is the gift from the God to the parents. Parents are responsible for the upbringing of their children. The whole life of a human being depends on parenting because the development of the brain and thinking patterns are created of a person mainly in the early stage of the life. Parents are primarily responsible for the development of their children. Whatever the parents do and explain, their children learn that. Their personality and behaviour will be such that they have learnt from their parents. After the parents society also plays a role for the development of a child. Parenting is very crucial aspect today because of the generation gap and changing environment of the country. Parents are sometimes negligent to their children whether the reason is busy in money making, generation gap i.e. in the era of technology and fast life or not having the proper knowledge of upbringing because of not living in the joint family. So if you are feeling trouble in upbringing of your children then contact us for the great and happy future of you and your children.