General understanding

What do people do when they are in problems (Any type)?

They contact:-

  1. Doctors - for health issues like different type of diseases
  2. Psychologists - for mental health issues like stress and anxiety, depression, fear, anger, lack of concentration etc.,
  3. Private Mind Power Coaches - for training of the mind.
  4. Astrologers - for social problems, career, education, job etc.,
  5. Religious places - for finding solutions of their problems.

Why are problems not solved very often?

Because correlation of knowledge is not done. For example

  1. Doctor will just keep giving medicines and don't go in depth of your problems which can be known from astrology. Whether all the doctors are able to diagnose the disease all the time?
  2. Psychologists will treat you with the proved medical techniques only. But can they know which planetary transit is affecting your mental health?
  3. Mind power coaches can only explain you some concepts like law of attraction and some psychological concepts which they learnt. But do they know whether you have any psychological or health problems or your planetary positions?
  4. Astrologers will suggest you the gemstones, mantras and other solutions after analysis of your birth chart. But do they know scientific techniques of psychology? Because sometimes both treatment required together.
  5. Theology and Spiritual saints will give you the supreme knowledge but if your body is not healthy both physical and mental, can you learn from them?

How we deal with?

A human being has major five different body namely physical body, mental body, casual body, astral body and finally the spiritual body.


  • Physical & Mental body:- We all are aware of these.
  • Casual body:- Which makes possible the astral body in existence.
  • Astral body:- Which leaves the physical body after death.
  • Spiritual body:- This is the Spirit (Soul) which forces the casual body then casual body forces the astral body then astral body forces the mental body then mental body forces the physical body. 

We start with the detailed analysis of your horoscope. Identify the root cause and status of your different bodies and suggest the remedies accordingly. 

Passive remedies:- 

(Astrological) We will suggest remedies through astrology like Gemstone, Rudraksha, Mantras and others. 

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Active remedies:-

(Psychology & Neurology) We will suggest necessary changes for your life style through psychological and neurological techniques. Provide videos/audios/images/literature wherever required to treat you.

(Ayurveda) We also suggest the food habits through the Ayurveda to balance Kafa-Pita-Vayu. 

(Theology & Spirituality) We will also suggest listening and reading the relevant literature specific to you.

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